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The Republic of Soulis

The Republic of Soulis is caught directly between the Kingdom of Earacksmore and the Empire. They are a nation of trade and commerce and have grown into a wealthy existence due to the tensions between the Kingdom and the Empire. They hold Senate meetings every day to discuss law and policy. They are, for the most part a peaceful community, highly valuing art, music, trade, magic and invention. Lady Dania is the High Consul of the Senate, and has presided over it for the past 5 years.

cities and towns

The Townships of Dale

comprised of North, South, East and West Dale, these four towns were created and are managed by Lords Allendale (North) Cauldale (South) Kendale (east) and Shiefsdale (west). The towns are very close, all within view of one another and the land is split up and shared amongst the lords.

South Dale- A large wall surrounds the town of South dale, and men can be seen patrolling the walls. There is a good sized heavy wooden gate into the town, and a few roof tops can be seen topping the wall.

The old copper- A bare walled a mirthless tavern, this place seems all business. An old man sits behind the bar and keeps at least one watchful eye on the place at all times. It appears that ale and simple soup and bread are available here.

Craster’s Wares- This middle aged (Artemis Craster) man looks like he was birthed at a forge with a hammer in his hand. He’s eyes and hair are dark and his chest in broad. Several young men, apprentices, run about the shop.

Captital city of Sendeva

Inns and places of business

The Sheltered crown- A well known Inn and tavern that is located directly outside of the House of the Senate. The business is run by an old halfling couple who are known for their mirth as much as their girth. They serve good wine, powerfully spice chicken and have a special in house pork soup and bread bought from local bakeries.

Edmund’s wares- Edmund, a thickly built, dark-haired young man, opened this shop when he was only 15 and has run the entire operation himself ever since. He’s surly and quick to the deal and it is said he has a knack for finding whatever it is someone might want if the price s right. He keeps a stock of trade goods as well as magical trinkets and some weapons if he happens to come across them.

The Senate House- Located directly in the heart of Soulis, this large, round, squat building holds weekly senate sessions.

The Kingdom of Earacksmore

The Highlands

The Tribe of the Bear- Located at the western most edge of the Highlands, the Bear tribes shares borders with the lowlands and the shield crest mountains. As such, the bear tribe is closest to the land of the Empire besides the Wolf tribe who dwell in the lowlands.

Tribe of Elk- The Elk tribe is located in the heart of the highlands, South of the Highland wood. They have constructed a large palisade around their tribe and is one of two permanent structure of the highland. The Tribe of the Elk is led by Dromeg Redstag.

Goerumt-( Go-eh-Ruhmt) The Giant mead hall once shared by all the tribes located to the North of Highland Forrest. Used to be used for tribal meetings, peace talks and war council. Though it has been disused for No blood of a tribesman shall be spilt within its walls.

The Lowlands

The Shieldcrest Mountains

Major Religious Institutions and laws

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