The Island of Earackland was once solely populated by the people of Earacksmore who dwelt in the Highland tribes. Their genealogy is closely linked to those people who founded the new Kingdom of Earacksmore as they were simply men and women of the highlands who left to create for themselves a more stable and orderly existence. There was strife at first but eventually the two factions calmed enough a relationship between the two was formed, and they were like two halves of one whole, the Kingdom representing the strong political and communal side of people and the tribes for the more individualistic and natural side.

Then, the Valian Empire arrived on the island and the attacks were swift and brutal. They cut through the ranks of Earacks, and drove them back, eventually taken over half the island, where finally the Earacks dug in their heels and managed to halt the Empire. The Tribes and the Kingdom of Earacksmore are now separated by the Empire and thus neither of them had the strength to push forward any sort of resistance to reclaim their land. The fighting raged on though between the Kingdom and the Empire, but soon it became obvious that their forces would not be sufficient to crush either side. They began to use their resources to buy up mercenary troops to fill their ranks and many many battle hardened men and women became wealthy off of their war.

They became so wealthy in fact that they began to buy up land from the both the Empire and the Kingdom, and it was not long before they had enough land to begin settling it with their own people, many of whom wished to escape the war. Soon they had towns and cities built and once they were strong enough they began to make strong defenses and bar off either warring side from one another. Now due to heavy taxes imposed on crossing the walls and defenses the new nation had set in place, neither side could send force through to attack the other. The war was halted and the new nation, called the Republic of Soulis, was born. Now an uneasy truce sits between the two warring nations and the Republic is simply to rich to be attacked by either side, but they seem comfortable enough just sitting where they are


There have been only a few notable moments of change upon the island of Earackland. 30 years before the present day the moon disappeared completely from the sky. There was no warning or grand display, it merely did not show when it should have and has been absent ever since. The church of Selune, who worship the moon Goddess has been much diminished and in disarray for the last three decades. Also, about 25 years ago the dwarves of the Shieldcrest mountain began secluding themselves away from the other nations of the island. It was not long before they had almost entirely sealed themselves away; only the gnomes still retain some contact and trade with the Dwarves. The final and most recent incident to strike the island was of no consequence to anyone but those who are denizens of the Highland Tribes. The Elk tribe, the largest of the tribes, seems to have undergone a falling out with its own people, resulting in the creation of two new tribes…that of the Stoat and the Raven. Other than that, the Kingdom or Earacksmore and the Valian Empire still wish to crush each other but are still unable to, due to the continued (and thriving) existence of the Republic of Soulis.

Age of the Moonless Knight